Bring Smart Lock Control to Every Door with ReadyPIN-Enabled Smart Locks

Whether you want to control access to a storage building or an off-grid vacation cabin, ReadyPIN uses an algorithmic encryption key to operate with or without a network connection. With ReadyPIN, you can remotely manage your hardware by providing unique, self-expiring PIN codes for guests, residents, housekeeping, emergency maintenance, and more.

How It Works

ReadyPIN-enabled smart locks rely on PIN codes generated via an algorithm in the KeyinCloud software, which then encrypts an access start and end time within the PIN code.

When the PIN is entered into the lock, the lock verifies the code via its built-in algorithm to allow access based on the schedule provided. Instead of needing to deliver the credential and permissions to the connected lock over Wi-Fi, permissions are embedded into the credential (PIN) itself. This allows users to bring remote access control capabilities to any door, with or without a Wi-Fi connection.