This is step 6 from the 5i deadbolt installation manual:

IMPORTANT: Before your 5i deadbolt lock will function, you must set the handing on the door. Because the lock can work on a right or left handed door, it needs to be told which direction to turn to lock and which to unlock.

A. Place the deadbolt in the unlocked position.

B. Enter the lock’s Programming Code, LockState Button, 140, LockState Button.

The default programming code is 123456 but this will be reset after 24 hours of connecting your lock for the first time.

Example sequence: 123456, LockState, 140, LockState

You should see 2 green flashes and hear 2 beeps.

To confirm handing was completed, hit the “LockState” button to ensure the deadbolt activates. Use the pre-programmed local code (1234 > LockState) or the knob turn to retract the deadbolt. The local code 1234 will be deleted after 24 hours of initial connection or after the first user code is added.