Note: This installation manual assumes the door is already prepped with a 2 1/8″ boring hole and 1″ latch hole.

Please note that your lock is shipped with a default user code of 1234 and default programming code of 123456. These should be deleted/changed immediately after installation for security purposes (instructions provided at the end of this installation manual).

Manual PDF Direct Download

If you need an installation drilling template, please download the template here. PLEASE NOTE: When printing templates, check your print settings to make sure that the template is printed at 100% of the actual size. Once printed, check the measurements on the template with a ruler before drilling your door.

1. Latch Installation

A. Deadbolt Backset

The BACKSET is the distance between the center of the boring hole to the edge of the door. Set the deadbolt backset to match your door by rotating the latch case as shown below to 2-3/4″ or reverse direction for 2-3/8″.

B. Install Latch

Insert the latch and tighten with 2 screws provided.

2. Place Keypad Assembly

Before placing the front keypad assembly on the outside of the door, check the following:

A. Ensure the latch bolt is retracted.

B. Position the tailpiece in the horizontal position before inserting through the hub of the latch.

C. Pass the power cable under the latch

After ensuring the steps above, place the front keypad assembly on the front of the door.

Make sure the power cable passes in the space underneath the latch and that the tailpiece is in the horizontal position.

3. Install Inside Mounting Plate

Hold the inside mounting plate up to the inside of the door and pass the power cable through the wire hole.

Secure the mounting plate with the two large screws.

4. Install Interior Lock

A. Remove the battery cover from the interior of the lock.

B. Connect the front to back power cable.

C. Adjust the turn piece so that it is facing away from the edge of the door, so that it matches the unlocked position of the latch.

D. Secure the back lock to the mounting plate with 3 screws.

5. Install Batteries

Insert 4 AA Alkaline or Lithium batteries into the battery compartment, then replace battery cover and slide the battery cover back onto the lock.

IMPORTANT: Do not use Rechargeable batteries. Rechargeable batteries can lead to inconsistent behavior on the lock.

6. Set Handing (Deadbolt Model Only)

IMPORTANT: Before your lock will function, you must set the handing on the door. Because the lock can work on a right or left handed door, it needs to be told which direction to turn to lock and which to unlock.

A. Place the deadbolt in the unlocked position.

B. Enter the Programming Code, LockState Button, 140, LockState Button. The default programming code is 123456.

Example: 123456, LockState, 140, LockState

You should see 2 green flashes and hear 2 beeps.

7. Locking and Unlocking

A. Locking

To lock your door, either turn the thumb turn on the interior handle to the vertical position. You can also lock from the keypad side of the door by pressing the LockState button once.

B. Unlocking

Your lock has a default code of 1234. To unlock your door, enter 1234 and then press the LockState button.

All pin codes must be followed by the LockState button to unlock the door.

8. Connect to WiFi

You can now connect your lock to your WiFi router.

Click here for instructions on connecting your lock to WiFi.

9. Delete/Change Defaults

Your lock is shipped with the following factory default settings. The default pin of 1234 should be deleted after installation and the default programming code of 123456 should be changed immediately after installation.

  • Keypad Programming Code: 123456
  • User Code: 1234
  • Auto-Lock Mode: Enabled
  • Auto-lock Delay Duration: 5 seconds
  • Keypad Sound: Enabled
  • Heartbeat Interval: 1 hour
To delete the default user code:

This can be deleted from the web application under the lock settings, or from the keypad by entering:

123456 LOCKSTATE button 120 LOCKSTATE button 1234

To change default keypad programming code:

This can be deleted from the web application under the lock settings, or from the keypad by entering:

123456 LOCKSTATE button 100 LOCKSTATE button New 4-10 digit code