Please note that your lock is shipped with a default user code of 1234 and default programming code of 123456. These should be deleted/changed immediately after installation for security purposes (instructions provided at the end of this installation manual).

Manual PDF Direct Download 

If you need a new installation template, please download the template here. PLEASE NOTE: When printing templates, check your print settings to make sure that the template is printed at 100% of the actual size. Once printed, check the measurements on the template with a ruler before drilling your door.

1. Door Prep

This instructional assumes that the door is already prepped with a 2 1/8″ boring hole and 1″ latch hole.

A 1/2″ upper support hole will need to be drilled 3 3/8″ above the center of the 2 1/8′ boring hole. This can either be done by measuring with a tape measure or using a template that can be downloaded here:

6i Installation Template.pdf

If printing the template, be sure to measure it with a ruler or tape measure to ensure that it prints to scale on your printer.

A. Mark Upper Support Hole

If using the template, fold it along the dotted lines and position it so the large circle lines up with the existing boring hole. Then tape it to the door.

Mark the spot where the hole needs to be drilled with something sharp.

B. Drill the Upper Support Hole

Drill the 1/2″ hole through the door where the spot was marked. For best results, drill halfway through on the first side, then the remaining half from the other side to increase accuracy. This also avoids damage to the other side when a drill goes right through.

2. Latch Install

Insert the latch with the bevel towards the door frame and secure the screws.

3. Front Lock Installation

Before placing the front keypad side of the lock on the door, place the gasket on the back plate of the lock.

Thread the power cable through the door either below or above the latch.

Fit the front side of the lock onto the door.

4. Spindle Installation

Fit Spindle Through Latch and Into Front Lock Hub.

5. Install Inside Plate

Place the inside gasket on the inside plate. Feed the power cable through the opening in the plate.

Secure the plate the front side of the lock with 3 screws; one for the upper support and two through the lower boring hole.

6. Install Inside Lock

Plug the front lock power cable into the connector on the back lock control board.

Place inside lock over mounting plate.

Secure the inside lock with 2 screws.

7. Battery Installation

Unscrew battery cover to reveal the battery compartment.

Insert 4 AA Alkaline or Lithium batteries into the battery compartment, then replace battery cover and secure with screws.

IMPORTANT: Do not use Rechargeable batteries. Rechargeable batteries can lead to inconsistent behavior on the lock.

8. Inside Handle Installation

Slide the inside lever into place. Press firmly until the handle snaps over the catch pins. You should see the brass catch pin through the hole in the handle.

9. Front Handle Installation

A. Ensure that the key override slot is in the horizontal position.

B. Insert the key cylinder into the key override slot.

C. Slide the outside handle lever into place. Make sure the lever handle is pointing away from the latch-side of the door. The handle will not slide all the way into place until the door is “unlocked” with the key.

D. Insert the key into the key cylinder. Then turn the key to the right (clockwise) 90 degrees.

E. Firmly press the lever until it snaps over the catch pins.

F. Turn the key back to the left and remove.

10. Connect to WiFi

You can now connect your lock to your WiFi router.

Click here for instructions on connecting your lock to WiFi.

11. Delete/Change Defaults

Your lock is shipped with the following factory default settings. The default pin of 1234 should be deleted after installation and the default programming code of 123456 should be changed immediately after installation.

  • Keypad Programming Code: 123456
  • User Code: 1234
  • Auto-Lock Mode: Enabled
  • Auto-lock Delay Duration: 5 seconds
  • Keypad Sound: Enabled
  • Heartbeat Interval: 1 hour
To delete the default user code:

This can be deleted from the web application under the lock settings, or from the keypad by entering:

123456 # 120 # 1234

To change default keypad programming code:

This can be deleted from the web application under the lock settings, or from the keypad by entering:

123456 # 100 # New 4-10 digit code

To lock the door, press the “*” key twice or press the “Lock” button from the inside.