ACS Kit Wiring DiagramsImportant Information for ACS InstallationACS 1 Door Wiring Diagram (EP1501)ACS 2 Door Wiring Diagram (EP1501)ACS 2 Door Wiring Diagram (EP1502)ACS 4 Door Wiring Diagram (EP1502)MR52 Expansion Panel SchemaStrikes, Magnetic Locks, Readers, and InputsLS-F60/G60 and LS-N100/S100 Readers Wiring DiagramLS-100 and LS-200 Strikes Wiring Diagram600 LB Magnetic Lock Installation Instructions1200 LB Magnet Lock Installation InstructionsTechnical DocumentsEP1501 (Controller) User ManualEP1502 (Controller) User ManualMR52 (Expansion Board) User Manual