Applicable to the LS-6i and RL4000 locks.

Re-greasing your lock could be necessary if you notice the handles sagging, not retracting and popping back in position as expected, if the handle is stuck in the up position, or if you hear or feel grinding taking place.

Additional troubleshooting could be necessary to confirm the issues you’re experiencing are not due to a broken handle spring. If you find that re-greasing is necessary, we recommend using White Lithium Grease Spray.PDF Direct Download

1. Remove all 7 of the screws from the front of the lock’s back plate. Please note, one or more of the screws may be located behind a sticker. You can peel this sticker off or screw through it.

2. Before removing the backplate, please take note of the center hub and ensure this hub never pops off or comes forward. There are small parts and springs located inside this hub which cannot come out and are essential to the lock functioning properly. Applying a piece of tape after the back plate is removed will help ensure this piece does not come off. During the removal process, apply pressure with your finger to keep the hub from popping up.

3. Use White Lithium or an equivalent grease on each side of the hub as shown in the pictures. Ensure any part of the spring that is touching metal is sufficiently lubricated. This lubrication will allow the lock to rotate as intended.

4. Remove the handle’s hub mechanism and apply grease to the center housing and pin as shown in the following pictures.

5. Reassemble the lock, ensure the hub pins are facing in the same (9 o’clock) direction, and test the lock to ensure the locking and unlocking sequence is working appropriately.

Grease can also be applied to the back (battery pack side) of the lock but only under the handle spring and hub and never on or near the electronics components of the lock. Please reach out to our support team for additional information and help.