Temporary access users can be created as Access Guests. This allows property owners and managers to provide temporary access codes that start and expire on a specific date and time. For example, a rental property owner may want to create an Access Guest who’s guest code will start working on the lock this upcoming Friday at 4 PM and expire 2 days later at 11 AM.

Just like Access Users, Access Guests can either be created from an individual lock’s management page, or from this main Access Users > Access Guests section.

Add Access Guest

To add an Access Guest, click on the Add Access Guest button.

Guest Access User Information

Enter the Guest Access User’s information.

  • Name: Enter a name for the Guest. Can be just the first name, or first and last. All names in the account must be unique.
  • Email: If you enter an email address for the user, an email will be sent with the Guest credentials and access date range to the email address specified. If any changes are made to the access user, a new email will be triggered with the updated credential.
  • Card Number: If the Guest will be given a prox card to access a door with a prox card reader (via the ACS system or another lock with prox card reader), enter the card number here. This field should be ignored for pin code only locks and users.
  • Pin: For WiFi door locks and pin pads, enter a pin # for the Guest that is between 4 – 10 digits in length. All pin numbers must be unique in the account. After a guest code expires, or if a guest code is deleted, that same code can be used again.

Date Range

Next click on the date and time ranges to select the specific starting date and time, as well as the ending date and time. This will limit the code to work only within this range.

Door Access

After entering the User’s information and date range, select the type of Door Access to provide.

  • Location: Click on the Location radial button in order to provide the Guest access to all of the locks and doors associated with a particular location. Once the Location radial button is selected, click on the Location drop-down below to select the specific Location for access. The Guest’s credentials and active date range will then be sent to all locks for that property.
  • Door Group: Select the Door Group radial button to provide access to a specific group of locks and doors. Then select the specific Door Group in the drop-down below. Door Groups must be created prior to this assignment and can be created by going to the Devices main menu, then select Door Groups.
  • Lock: Select the Lock radial button to provide access to an individual door lock. Then select the specific lock in the drop-down below.
  • ACS Reader: If you have an account with the Building Access Control System module (ACS), there will be an option to select the ACS Reader radial button. This allows assigning access to an individual ACS door. After clicking the ACS Reader radial button, select the specific door from the drop-down below.

Access Schedule

Finally, an Access Schedule can be selected from the Access schedule drop-down at the bottom of the Guest Access Screen. This is optional and less common for Guest Access users. Access Schedules are used to limit a users access to the doors & locks they are given access to and can also be applied to Guests. For example, an employer may create a schedule for Monday – Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM each day. Selecting this schedule for the Guest would send this schedule to the lock as part of their credential. When this user’s pin number is entered on the lock, the door will only unlock if within the parameters of the schedule.

If providing access to an entire location or group of locks, the schedule that is selected will be sent to all locks and doors within the location or group.

Access Schedules must be created prior to the Access Schedule selection and can be created by going to the Access User main menu, then selecting the Schedules tab.

Note: Access schedule application for Guest Access users does not work on the 500i. This feature is compatible with the 5i, 6i, 7i and ACS system.


The final field in the Add Access Guest information is to select your notification option. Select either None, First Access Only, or Every Access. Your notification details are configured in the Notifications tab but quick select option streamlines the process for new users.