To add additional door access or access to an entire location, select the desired Guest or User from the Access Users Tab.


Once on the user or guest’s view page, select Add Door Access.


Next, you’ll specify if the door access will be for the Entire Location, a Door Group, or an Individual Door. If you would like to Override the Default Access times associated with this door, check the “Override Access Times” option. You can also assign a pre-created Access Schedule at this time. Finally, click Create.


After creating the new door or location access, you should see a “Door Access Saved Successfully” notification at the bottom of the page. You’ll also have the option to send the Access Instructions Email associated with this lock or location to the user. You’ll be able to specify if you want to “Send Email Now”, “Send Email Later”, or “Don’t Send” the email. 

After specifying the email notification you would like to send, you should see the new door or location included on the guest or users page view.