WiFi Provisioning Guide – PDF

Remotelock Start Here – PDF

Unlike your phone or laptop, the lock doesn’t have a screen that can display what networks it sees nor does it have a keyboard to enter the password. So instead, we need to use your smartphone or laptop to do the job.

The lock produces a network signal just like a router. Once you connect to this lock network, the lock will force the browser on your phone to open and display a web page with the network the lock sees. Then, you can select the desired network and enter its password. 

Step 1: Connect to RemoteLock Access Point
**PLEASE NOTE** You must be within 3 feet of the lock to perform this connection.
After installing batteries in your KeyInCloud, it will produce a network for 8 minutes. The network name of your lock will start with “
KeyInCloud-“, followed by its Mac ID.
  1. Go to Settings > Wi-Fi, and make sure Wi-Fi is turned on.
  2. Select the network starting with “KeyInCloud-“
Step 2: Open Network Selection View


Apple recently made an update to iOS that is triggering the following alert during provisioning. Although this error has been resolved in iOS versions 12.0 and above. It could still be happening on your iOS device if you have not updated to the 12.0 (or higher) software version.

Error Opening Page” Hotspot login cannot open the page because it cannot redirect to locations starting with “imda:”.


If you encounter this error, simply press OK and then proceed with the rest of the process as normal. If you are unable to get past this error, you can go to a mobile browser and enter in the address bar as described in the note at the bottom of this step.

We apologize for any trouble or confusion this may cause. We are actively working on a fix for this error.

Once the lock’s network is selected in Step 1 above, you should be automatically redirected to the Network Selection page on the lock.

Note: If you are not redirected automatically, open up a browser and enter in the address line and hit enter.

*Note: you will not see the same list of Network names above, this is just an example.

Step 3: Select Network

Click on the “Connect” button next to the network you would like your lock to connect to.

Your wifi network needs to be 2.4GHz. Our locks will not operate on 5GHz networks.

Step 4: Enter Password

Enter the password for your router. If you are not positive what your password is, please test the password on your phone or laptop connection first by forgetting your network and re-entering your password.

Step 5: Click Connect

Click on the Connect button. At this point, the lock will attempt to connect with your router. If successful, you will hear the lock beep twice and the lights on the keypad with flicker.

*Note: Sometimes the “Connection complete” message above will not be displayed as the phone will switch off of the lock’s network before this message can be displayed. This is not a problem. As long as you hear the lock beep twice, the lock is connected.

Add Lock to Your Account

If you have not yet created an account with the Connect App to control your lock, create one now here.

Watch this video to see how to add your lock to your account.


Problem: Serial number has already been registered error

Solution: If you receive this error during registration, please contact support by emailing support@KeyInCloud.com and provide a screenshot, screengrab, or image of the MacID that is being beaconed from the lock.

To provide a screenshot of the MacID, go to your phone or computers settings tab > WiFi tab > and make sure WiFi is turned on.

Next, you’ll identify the network being beaconed by the lock. The network will start with “KeyInCloud-“, followed by the Mac ID and will look something like this:


Problem: “serial number is invalid” error during the registration process.

Solution: Please connect your lock to wifi before attempting to register in the portal. You will need to install and connect your lock to WiFi before registering it in the portal.

Problem: I don’t see a network starting with KeyInCloud-XXXX when I view available networks.

Solution: temporarily pull a battery from the lock. This will power cycle the lock and broadcast the network for another 8 minutes. If you still don’t see a network, enter the following on the keypad: 123456, 320, # (Please note, if you have a 5i model, press the LOCKSTATE button instead of #).

TIP: Make sure there are no network restrictions that might prevent the lock from connecting.

TIP: If you get an error message: “The Wi-Fi network “Remotelock-6c0b84XXXX could not be joined.” Remove a battery, wait 10 seconds and then put the battery back in, now try connecting again. The network should broadcast again after this power cycle.

TIP: There are 3 types of Account plans: Basic, Premium & Pro. Each offers additional options. You can always upgrade your account later. Once you have chosen an account plan, you will enter your credit card details. After registering multiple locks in the portal, the subscription will update automatically. Additional information is available in our Pricing and Billing articles.

TIP: The serial number associated with your lock contains zeros, not the letter O. If you forgot to take a note of the serial number, it is included as a sticker on the box and is printed on the reverse side of the keypad or behind the battery plate.