1. Select “Register Device” from the drop-down in the upper right-hand corner of the Connect App.

2. From the pop-up box, select the type of device you’re registering and the device’s Model Number. Fill in the device’s Serial Number and name the device with a name of your choice. Finally, add the lock’s location from the list of locations available. If you have not already added locations, please do so from the Locations tab. Finally, click Register.

3. After clicking Register you’ll land on the device management page where you’ll be able to apply specific settings, access users, and guests.

Please note, the battery and WiFi values may not show up in the portal right away. If this is the case, please wake up your lock after registering and refresh the page. You will know your lock is online when the WiFi signal indicator shows up and a connection timestamp is displayed.

If WiFi does not connect, please see the WiFi troubleshooting section at the end of our Connecting Your Lock to WiFi article and our Trouble Shooting and Best Practices article for additional information.


Problem: Serial number has already been registered error

Solution: If you receive this error during registration, please contact support by emailing support@KeyInCloud.com and provide a screenshot, screengrab, or image of the MacID that is being beaconed from the lock.

To provide a screenshot of the MacID, go to your phone or computers settings tab > WiFi tab > and make sure WiFi is turned on.

Next, you’ll identify the network being beaconed by the lock. The network will start with “KeyInCloud-“, followed by the Mac ID and will look something like this: