1. Lock Detail View
  2. Lock Status
  3. Note on Battery Level

Lock Detail View

All aspects of the door lock can be managed or viewed from the Lock Detail view including its current status, settings, access users, access guests, and lock history.

The Lock Detail View shows the lock status at the top of the page, followed by sub-tabs to view Access Users, Access Guests, Settings, and History. Each section can be viewed by clicking on the desired tab.


Lock Status


From the Lock Status bar, you can view the current Locked or Unlocked state of the door. To change the state, use the slider and move to the locked or unlocked position.


Please Note: The lock’s WiFi radio needs to be awake to receive the lock/unlock command. For example, if the Heartbeat interval is set for 30 minutes, this command may not be received for a maximum of 30 minutes later. However, if your lock is set to wake wifi on any user action (e.g. keypress), the lock will wake up on a keypress and receive any pending commands. Additional information is found in our Heartbeat interval explained article

The Lock Status bar also displays the last battery level and WiFi signal strength reported by the lock. These levels are reported anytime the lock wakes up and connects to the internet.

Note on Battery Level

The displayed strength of the battery level takes the battery type specified in the Lock Settings into account. As you can see in the example graph below, the typical discharge curve for Alkaline batteries is a smooth and steady decline. Compare that to Lithium batteries that hold a high voltage for a much longer duration but then fall off a cliff when close to the end of life. Therefore, while 4 alkaline batteries with a reading of 5 volts still has plenty of life left, lithium batteries are near the end of life. In order for the system to give an accurate estimate of battery level, the battery type needs to be set properly.