KeyInCloud is mobile-friendly with Apps available for iOS and Android devices.

Start by downloading the KeyInCloud App to your iOS or Android device.

iTunes App Store

Google Play Store

Please note, the Android app is for devices with a minimum version of Android 7.0 (Nougat), or higher.

After downloading the App to your phone or tablet you’ll have the option to Login, Create a New Account, or recover your password by using the “Forgot Password?” link.

Log in to your account by entering your Email or Username and your Password then select “Login”


To create a new account, select “Create New Account”. Enter your Account Name, Email, Password, and select “Register”.


If you already have an account and forget your password, select the “Forgot Password?” link to initiate a password reset. The “Forgot Password” link will prompt you to enter your email address in the Email/Username field to receive a password reset email. This can also be done from the web portal by following these steps.

After successful registration, you should see a “Welcome to KeyInCloud” message with instructions to “Choose a plan to get started.”


Selecting the “Choose Plan” tab will take you to the “Plans” tab. Please see the Pricing and Billing help center articles to see the various options and to choose a plan that best fits your needs.


After selecting a plan, you will receive a “Plan Updated” notification indicating that “Your plan has been updated. Please add a payment card to access paid features and functionality.”

You should then select to “Add Payment Card” or to “Add Payment Card Later”.


Selecting “Add Payment Card” will land you on the “Payment Information” tab where you’ll be able to select to pay Monthly or Annually and enter your credit card details. After adding all the appropriate information, select “Update”.


Once payment information has been added, you’ll land on the Devices tab where you can register your device. Make sure to add a location first!


If you attempt to add a device before adding a location, you’ll receive this error message: “Attention You must add a location before you can add a device.”


Selecting “Add a Location” will take you to the Locations tab.

Add your lock’s Location Address, Time Zone information, and select “Add Location”


You should receive a confirmation notification: “Success The location named “xxx” has been added.


Clicking “Continue” will take you back to the Devices tab. From here you can Add and Register a Device by entering your Lock’s Name, Serial Number, Model Number, and prepopulated location. Finally, you’ll click “Add Device”.


To make this process faster and avoid any potential user errors, you can select “Scan QR Code”, allow the App to access your phone’s camera, and then scan the QR code on the lock’s box or on the back of the lock.


After scanning the QR code, the Serial Number and the Model number will automatically populate and all you’ll have to do is Name the device and select the device’s Location.

Please note, the device must have already been connected to wifi before registration. 

If your lock is not connected to wifi before attempting to register, it will return the following message: “Error must be connected to the internet first.”


If you have any trouble connecting, please ensure you’re following the steps outlined in our WiFi Provisioning Guide, our KeyInCloud Start Here Guide, and see our Wifi Connectivity Best Practices and Troubleshooting articles.

If you have already connected your device, you’ll receive a “Device Added” confirmation.


Clicking Continue will take you to the Devices tab where your lock will be displayed.

From the Devices tab, you’ll have the option to remotely lock and unlock the device, edit the lock’s settings, see the wifi and battery strength, and add a new device. You’ll also have shortcuts available to the lock’s events tab, a shortcut to the lock’s access users and guests users, and a shortcut to add an access user or guest user to this device.


Clicking the KeyInCloud / Unlock slider from the Devices tab will indicate when the unlock or lock command is pending and when it completes.


Please note: Because the app pulls data and does not receive data automatically when it changes on the server, the user will need to refresh the app to get the latest data. In the latest versions of the app the refresh is automated when the app returns to the foreground. Please keep in mind that this behavior will reset any scroll timeline to the beginning instead of the original scroll position.

Clicking the Add an Access User or Access Guest User Icon from the device view will give you the option of selecting a User Type: either an Access User or Guest User must be selected. Guest Users (unlike Access Users) have start and end dates/times.


On the bottom of the App, you’ll see the Devices, Users, Locations, and Events tabs.


Clicking the Users tab at the bottom of the page will take you to the Access Users and Guests Users tab. To add a user, tap the add (+) button. To add a Guest, select “Guests Users” at the top and then select the add (+) button.


Add a guest or user by entering their Name, Email (optional), PIN, Department, and by assigning an associated device. Please note, Guest and User email templates and your account’s auto-generated email messages are not supported in the App and will not automatically send. If you would like to send your newly added guest or user an email from our portal, you will need to do this through the web portal (not the App).

After adding all the appropriate information and selecting “Add User” you should see a confirmation popup indicating “User Added – User “user1” was created and granted access to “device1”.


Clicking “Continue” will land you back on the Users tab with the new user information displayed.

Clicking on the user (>) will allow you to edit the User’s information or delete them. Selecting the clock icon will show this user’s Events Timeline. Clicking the Key icon will allow you to add additional door access to this user.


Repeat these commands for Guest Users but make sure you indicate a start and end time for any Guests. Clicking on the guest (>) will allow you to edit their name, email, pin code, and start / end information. Select Update User to save the information or Delete the user permanently by clicking “Delete User”.


Select the Locations tab at the bottom of the App in order to see all the locations you have associated with your account, add a new location, or click into a location to edit or delete it.


Selecting the Events tab at the bottom of the page will display all the Account Events.

The events will display in chronological order with the user’s name, lock name, method of entry, the event (unlock/lock/access denied, etc), and the timestamp with time zone information.


Clicking the “hamburger icon” or the triple bar in the upper left hand will open the navigation drawer. within the navigation drawer, you’ll find a link to our Help Center, a link to Edit your Plan (Basic, Premium, and Pro Plans available), Edit your Payment (edit your credit card information), Navigate to the Main page (the last visited tab from the bottom navigation), or Logout of the App to return to the sign in page.


Please note, the Mobile App is a limited interface and most functions and lock settings will need to be adjusted or made in the actual web portal ( The App does not have in-depth lock configurations such as Heartbeat and Integration settings. The App does not have schedule information, guest email template, or access instruction configurations. All these commands and settings must be edited and added through the web portal.

Please contact support anytime if you have questions, concerns, or see any discrepancies.