1. Eliminate Premise Hardware
    No Local PC, Software, Gateways, Licensing Updates or Maintenance Required. Saves both you and your employees time and money trying to locally manage the system.
  2. Remote Management and Control
    Simply manage one or hundreds of locations via a single interface; add/delete cardholders, generate reports etc. all in the palm of your hand from ANYWHERE
  3. Reduced Capital Expenditure
    Limited initial capital expenditure due to limited hardware required at each site.
  4. Secure & Reliable Platform
    Database, Transaction Data etc. are all stored remotely and more securely than any Premise based solution limiting risk of cyberattacks and downtime.
  5. Labor/Time Savings
    Elminate lock-outs, know when employees arrive, eliminate the need to re-key locks with employee turnover++++
Return on Investment


How many hours a month do you spend unlocking doors for people who forgot their keys/cards?

How many hours a month do you have to be onsite to manually unlock doors for general business operations?

If the answers are more than 1 hour, your company is losing money on payroll expenses. Instead of taking time to open doors manually, you could be working on higher priority projects for the business. Cloud-based access control is a great time saving solution because it allows you to open doors remotely,from anywhere, on any device, at anytime.


How many hours a month do you spend traveling to a location to revoke or reinstate access for particular people?

How many hours a month do you spend traveling to open restricted areas for field crews or temporary vendors?

If the answers are more than 1 hour, your company is losing money on incidental expenses. Cloud-based access control allows for adding, removing, and editing users remotely, in addition to scheduling entry for particular people or groups. You can also integrate video surveillance on your phone or desktop to ensure the right people are getting access at the right times. Not only does this solution save time, but also money when it comes to travel.


How many times a year do we re-key the office?

If the answer is more than 1 time, your company is wasting money on repair expenses. Turnover in any business is likely. When an employee leaves with a key, it costs the business money, time,and annoyance to re-key the doors. With access control in the cloud, you can manage employee key card or mobile access all through a single, organized interface. You can also integrate your physical security system with your HR system, to automate the process.

Inventory Loss

How much is my inventory loss today?

If the answer is significant, you’re not alone. Employee theft accounts for 43% of inventory loss. Keeping track of ownership and whereabouts of keys is difficult and burdensome. With cloud-based access control, you can retrieve event data to review who accessed certain doors at certain times. You can also integrate video surveillance to monitor entry and exit points, and to deter thieves.

Cloud-Based Access Control

Cloud-based access control is the best solution when it comes to securing your facility, providing a much higher level of security and simplicity. Unlike the above methods of access control, which can take up a lot of resources and ongoing investment, cloud-based solutions save internal resources and are offered on a subscription basis, helping your business to optimize cash flow.

  • Cloud-based access control allows for complete control of your facilities, wherever you are in the world.
  • Staff members can also gain access using their phone, eliminating the need of keys and key cards.
  • It also has the ability to open and secure doors remotely, so you don’t have to worry about hiring additional on-site security staff.
  • Data about the traffic entering and exiting the building can be collected in real-time.
  • Unlike on-site access control, there are no servers to maintain, and software is updated automatically, keeping your organization safe from cyber threats.
  • Cloud-based access control also allows for unlimited scalability. New doors, offices and users can be added to the system at any time for greater convenience.
  • For an additional layer of security, video surveillance can be integrated with cloud access control.

Lock and Key

Before cloud-based technology, the only option consumers had to secure doors and facilities was with a lock and key. Whilst this traditional security system is still frequently used by many smaller organizations,this method does present a number of problems.

  • Firstly, keys can be easily stolen, lost or shared with others, leaving buildings vulnerable to intruders.
  • Secondly, any lost keys have to be re-issued which can cost a considerable amount over time.

On-Premise Access Control

On-premise solutions are a step up from a lock and key solution, providing more features, functionality and automation. However, this solution requires maintenance, servers updates and cyber security in place to ensure that servers are not affected by cyber attacks.

  • Usually, on-premise solutions don’t provide remote access to the system, so anytime a new door or entrance is needed, the changes must take place on-site.
  • There is little room for flexibility, scalability, and maintaining IT security can be costly and time consuming.