Advantages of Wireless/WiFi/Cloud Management for Access Control

Here are the main benefits of using wireless access control solutions.

  1. Flexible Control

Wireless solutions allow for greater flexibility in how a space is used. Because they are less invasive, they can be easily introduced on new openings compared to hardwired options. Versatility also enables end users to upgrade their systems over time. Many choose to introduce wireless at a small scale, then upgrade more doors down the road.

  1. Operational Efficiencies

Wireless gives end users a means of expanding the adoption of electronic access control within their facility as an economical option in comparison to traditional wired solutions. More connected devices present the ability to automate administrative and service processes, allowing them to get more done in less time.

  1. Simplified Key Management

Time and costs associated with mechanical key management and key turnover are greatly reduced, improving operational efficiency. With mechanical locks, the creation of keys can be time consuming and once a key is lost, there’s no control over who can gain access. To overcome security threats, re-keying must take place. But with electronic credentials, rights can be deactivated immediately and new credentials issued in seconds.

  1. Convenience

When electronic access control is implemented throughout a facility, a single credential can provide a friction-less experience while users move from one space to the next with ease. Millenials have grown up with technology and used electronic credentials to access their neighborhood recreation centers, college residence halls and academic buildings etc. As they make choices on where to live and work, why would they want to receive a mechanical key for access when it’s much more convenient to use an electronic card or phone?

  1. Audit Trails, Reporting, Notifications/Alerts

Information from those nodes provides the company with the “who, what, when and where” that they wouldn’t have otherwise.

  1. Eliminating Premise Hardware, PC’s & CyberSecurity Threats

Each connected opening is a dynamic access point in the IP ecosystem so you should embrace the fact that firmware changes and cybersecurity are constantly evolving but more importantly managed in the Cloud versus on premise. This eliminates the need for you to be responsible for firmware/software updates and your platform is always kept up to date with the most current feature sets but more importantly your database is also updated continuously.

  1. Future Growth – Easily Expand as your business grows

Wireless simplifies your ability to expand your overall access control solution whether it be in a single location or multiple locations. Wireless devices allows you to quickly and easily add and connect to openings it.