For optimal connection strength, we recommend your WiFi router to be within 30 feet of your KeyInCloud device. Although the lock should be able to communicate with a router from over 100 feet away, If there are any obstructions between the router and lock this could cause interference and lower wifi received signal strength. Lower wifi received signal strength could cause communication issues with your device, similar to a cell phone with low signal.  A good estimation is to cut the distance between the lock and the router in half per wall or obstruction between them. So, if your router is 100 feet away from the lock but there is a wall between them, this would equate to 50 feet. If the lock is 100 feet away from the router and there are two walls between them this would equate to 25 feet…  It’s best practice to keep your router away from any walls or corners especially if the router is located in a basement. For additional information please see our troubleshooting and best practices article or contact our support team anytime!